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The Breakthrough in Functional Safety & Layers of Protection Analysis
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A review of the book is available in the IEC magazine:



Functional safety is an emerging field that has grown quickly during the last 20 years. It is defined as part of the overall safety relating to the process or equipment under control and the correct functioning of the safety instrumented systems and other protection layers.


Functional safety implies both prevention and mitigation of the hazard. Applying the latest functional safety knowledge and experience for an equipment or facility saves people’s lives, the environment, reduces down time lost in repairs and increases profit by avoiding deferment and loss of production that occur after a fire or explosion incident.


This book introduces the main topics of functional safety and safety instrumented systems over all aspects of the safety life cycle from concept to decommissioning. The book helps the reader design, modify, operate and maintain the equipment or facility in a safe manner and reduce the risk of accidents.


The book explains the main requirements in standards IEC 61508, IEC 61511, IEC 61513, ISA 84 and their implementation worldwide. This applies to many types of plants (e.g. gas plant, refinery, nuclear, offshore, onshore oil fields, fertilizers, cement industry, etc).


The book’s intention is to be a practical guide considering all practical aspects in engineering and management. It is also used as a material for functional safety certification training.